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Farewell Neil & Millie

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     A farewell dinner was held for airpark resident, Neil Deye, at the Flight Deck restaurant in Lexington, SC on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. Neil had dreamed of having his own home and hangar at an airpark all his life. He finally realized that dream at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA-SC45) when he purchased a home there in 2006. He later built a hangar there as well and since that time has enjoyed flying and socializing with his airpark neighbors. Unfortunately, Neil will be leaving us sometime in mid-February to be near his family and original home in Ohio. Neil's lifetime partner, Millie Hoemer, also resided at GIA with him for most of that period, but she left in 2017 due to illness in order to be near her family in Ohio. We are indeed sorry to see them leave our airpark family, but we wish them both well in the next stage of their lives. Neil insisted on treating everyone who attended for dinner. Thank you, Neil and Millie, for being great airpark members and allowing us to be part of your dream.

2017 Fall Fly-in

View above Gilbert International Airpark on 11/4/17
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     Our 2017 Fall Fly-in was held on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at Gilbert Airpark (SC45). This was the most successful of our fly-ins thus far with around 100 attendees and 34 airplanes. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather with mostly sunny skies, low of around 58, high of around 80, and light winds from the east. Planes started arriving around 9:30am with most arriving just before lunch. Some groups stood around chatting, while others just sat around relaxing and watching the planes land.  Members of Gilbert Airpark prepared and served up a smorgasbord of delicious BBQ, fried chicken, vegetables, salads, and other succulent dishes, desserts, and various drinks starting about 12:30 pm. We had many positive comments on the delicious food. TTF president, Randy Berry, and Gilbert Airpark president, Dave Hardy, welcomed everyone and made opening comments. Leonard Self sold tickets for a drawing, the proceeds of which went directly toward the food costs. One pilot came all the way from Daytona Beach to be with us today and was awarded a Gilbert Airpart shirt by GIA Secretary, Donna Flanagan.  After lunch, we checked out the many aircraft and just sat around socializing and enjoying the mild weather. Everyone seemed to genuinely have a great time. A special thanks goes to Ron Angerman for allowing the use of his very nice and huge hangar, to all of those who prepared the food, and also to Gilbert Airpark for hosting the event. Also, thanks to TTF member, Don Schmotzer, for giving air traffic advisories. Most of all, thanks to all of you who attended and made our fly-in a huge success! The rain held off until after our fly-in ended and all attendees had departed. Dave Hardy took a photo of a beautiful rainbow to cap off the day. Finally, thanks to Eddie Price for taking photos of the event, which you can view by clicking on the image above.

Total Eclipse of the Airpark

     Like many Americans, members at Gilbert Airpark witnessed and celebrated a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st, 2017. It was a grand spectacle and great day enjoyed by all. The Flanagans hosted an "eclipse party" at their home and hangar on that date. Here's a photo of the group ready for the eclipse with their ISO 12312-2 approved solar sunglasses.

Flanagan Eclipse Party 8-21-17

Lexington County Peach Festival

     July 4th of each year marks the biggest event to occur in Gilbert, SC. It's the annual Lexington County Peach Festival, which includes various events, a parade, and lots of other activities. One of those events is the peach recipe contest. In 2016, our own Sonja Lumpkin (2nd photo left) from Gilbert International Airpark won first place in that contest with her "Peach Cheesecake Fillo Shells" (rightmost photo). Click on each photo below for a larger version.

  Peach Queen for 2016       Sonja Wins in 2016       Peach Recipe Contest        Peach Recipes

Fall Fly-in - November 5th, 2016

2016 Fall Fly-in Group Photo
2016 Fall Fly-in Group Photo After Lunch
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     Gilbert Airpark hosted a Fall Fly-in on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. It was a great success! We couldn't have asked for a much more perfect day with clear skies, cool temperatures, and fairly light winds, generally out of the east. Planes started arriving early in the morning with most arriving just before lunch. Some groups stood around chatting, while others just sat around relaxing and watching the planes land.  A few members brought items to "swap or sell". Gilbert Airpark members prepared and served up a delicious smorgasbord of main dishes, desserts, and various drinks for attendees starting about 12:30 pm. We had a number of positive comments on the food and the airpark. After lunch, we did more chatting and watched the planes take off. Nic Smoak carried family members and others for plane rides. All in all, it was a relaxed, fun day. Everyone seemed to have genuinely had a good time. Thanks to Gilbert Airpark members for hosting a great event, and especially to those who prepared and served the food. A special thanks goes to Ron Angerman for allowing use of his huge, nice hangar.

Work Day - Saturday - October 22nd, 2016

     Work Crew on 10-22-16 - Photo #1 Work Crew 10-22-16 - Photo #2

     On Saturday morning, October 22, 2016, several members assembled to perform work along the east end of the runway. Thank you to Dave & Debbie Hardy, Jim & Linda Matthews, Phil & Sonja Lumpkin, Ron & Cindy Mowery, and Sue McGlumphy for your efforts.

New White Fence on Runway East End

Fence Crew George & Truck Fence Laid Out Dave with Shovel Ron Mowery Smiling Big Dave with Auger in Background Fence Completed Fence at Sunrise

Nic, Buzz, Jack Posing Seriously Party Afterwards Nic, Buzz, Jack Hamming It Up

     There's a new white fence separating the end of Final Approach Road from the beginning of Runway 27 on the East end of the airpark. I'm sure you'll agree that it looks great! The airpark members who worked on the fence were: Dave Hardy, Dan Smith, George Flanagan, Nic Smoak, and Ron Mowery. Thanks guys for your hard work! Thanks to Nic Smoak for providing the first seven photos on the top row. Dave Hardy provided the last photo on the top row of the fence at sunrise.

     The bottom row of photos was provided by Nic from a "Canadian Thanksgiving" hosted by Jack and Sue McGlumphy. Click on any photo above for a larger version.

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