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      2015 Fall Fly-In - 10/24/2015

Kent Ingrams Beautiful CUB              Rotax 912 Trike from North Georgia
       Eddie's Photos                                         Randy's Photos & Videos

      Our airpark hosted an EAA Chapter 1467 Fall Fly-in on October 24th, 2015. The weather was absolutely perfect at the airpark with few clouds, temperatures in the mid-70s, and light winds almost directly down runway 9. However, one pilot reported a ceiling below 500' only 18 miles to our east. Several other aviators reported low ceilings and/or IFR conditions at CAE, CUB, and other airports across the state as well, which we believe affected our attendance. Still, we had a great relaxed fly-in, a good crowd of perhaps 70-80 attendees, around 12-15 aircraft at various times, and a great meal. Amazingly, one pilot flew his Rotax 912 powered trike approximately 110 nautical miles from Jackson County Airport (19A) north of Atlanta, GA to be with us. Ron Angerman cooked up two giant pans of spaghetti sauce and noodles with some help from the ladies at GIA, who also assisted attendees with their needs. We also enjoyed BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs, tossed salad, various other salads and casseroles, baked beans, vegetables, iced tea, soft drinks, and many delicious desserts. Aviation photos were shown on a screen in the background. Our thanks to Ron Angerman for the use of his great hangar, Gilbert Airpark members who participated, TTF members, all the attendees, and everyone who helped out. For photos and videos from Eddie Price (left) and Randy Berry (right), click the thumbnails above. Note especially the photos of our new GIA windsock and pole in Randy's photos. It's a welcome and much needed addition to our airpark. Thanks Dave!

2014 Fall Fly-in - 10/18/2014

Gilbert Airpark Sign

     We had a great time, good food, and wonderful camaraderie at our Fall Fly-in held at Gilbert Airpark (SC45) on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Approximately 30 planes flew in and about 100 people were fed. The weather was excellent, except for a rather stiff westerly wind, but it was right down runway 27, so that worked out OK too. The comments overheard were all very positive. Best of all, the fly-in was a safe one. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can see much of it for yourself by clicking on the thumbnail above to view photos of the event taken by neighbor, Eddie Price.

2013 Spring/Summer Fly-in - 6/15/2013

Above Gilbert Airpark 6-15-2013  Line of Planes on South Side 6-15-13  Jack & New Owner with RV-4

     Tropical storm Andrea dropped lots of rain on the eastern seaboard the week prior to Saturday, June 8th, the date we had originally planned to hold our "Spring/Summer Fly-in" at Gilbert Airpark, so we elected to postpone it until the following Saturday, June 15th. It's a good thing we did because the runway was soggy on the 8th after so much rain, and the weather was gorgeous on the 15th. We estimate that about 100 people came with 29 planes visiting plus a number of others belonging to GIA members still in their hangars. In addition to local fliers, we had a couple of F-18 pilots who came from Meridian, Mississippi to buy an RV-4 and others from as far away as Rocky Mount, NC and Vidalia, GA. Many people commented on how great the food was featuring BBQ, chicken, hotdogs, baked beans, Brunswick stew, a variety of salads, fruit, tea, soft drinks, and many delicious desserts. We held a 50/50 drawing during lunch. After lunch, attendees just relaxed, mixed and mingled, chatted, examined the planes, and watched them take off and land. All in all, we had many positive comments that it was a great and relaxing day enjoyed by all. Click either thumbnail above for photos courtesy of Eddie Price.

2012 Fall Fly-in - 11/3/2012

8 GIA Members

     Our TTF/GIA Fall Fly-in held on Saturday, November 3rd turned out great! The weather was nearly perfect with severe clear skies and light winds. We had at least 25 aircraft (maybe more) in attendance, and we estimate between 75-80 people. We had some great food, including BBQ pork, roast beef in gravy, ham with green beans, fried chicken, chicken thighs, baked beans, various salads and casseroles, bread, tea, soft drinks, and many delicious desserts, among other items. In addition to TTF and GIA members and their guests, we had folks from Trenton, Whiteplains, Twin Lakes, Dolittle, Holly Hill, and as far away as Vidalia, Georgia. In addition to a great variety of planes, we had 3 Stearmans and a Robinson helicopter attending. We had two great seminars (Ed Fisher on SAA and Stan Schmotzer on C17). We also held a 50/50 drawing and celebrated the 82nd birthday of Ron Angerman's father, Carl. Everyone seemed well fed and well pleased (even GIA mascot, Buddy), and we saw lots of smiling faces. For photos of the event, click the thumbnail above.

New Fence on Final Approach Road

     In case you haven't already noticed, a new fence has been erected along Final Approach Road. On an early Saturday morning in late September, several airpark members (Dave, Debbie, Ron, Jim, Linda [also son, Trey], Randy, Neil, and James) arrived with chainsaws and other equipment in hand to clear the property line of brush along the northern side of Final Approach Road. After some hard work and lots of brush hauling, we were finished by 1:00pm. In mid-October, a local heavy equipment company was hired to clear the remaining stumps and scrub along the property line. Finally, in late October, a cyclone fence was erected along Final Approach Road. Click the thumbnails below to see photos of the new fence.

Fence West     Fence East

2012 Spring Fly-in - 6/9/2012

    The TTF/GIA Spring Fly-in jointly sponsored by the Tree Top Flyers, EAA Chapter 1467, Inc. (TTF) and the Gilbert International Airpark Association (GIA) on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 was a great success. This was our first fly-in held at GIA, so were happy to have twenty-one (21) aircraft fly in, in addition to those already based here. We estimate that between 50-60 people attended. We enjoyed a lunch of hamburgers (with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, catsup, mustard, mayo), hotdogs with chili and chopped onions, baked beans, macaroni salad, mixed fruit, several delicious desserts, soft drinks, and iced tea. Ed Fisher of Raceair Designs and Whiteplains Airpark was our guest speaker. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped with the preparations for the event. Special thanks to Ron Angerman for the use of his hangar. To see photos of the event, click the thumbnail below.

Gilbert Airpark Attendees

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