Location & Directions

Gilbert Airpark is a PRIVATE airpark. You must be a member or have permission of a member to use our facilities.  

Our airport Identifier is SC45. For GPS coordinates and other useful information about the airpark at www.airnav.com, click on the compass icon above. 

     We are located near Exit 44 (Highway #34 and Pond Branch Road) off Interstate I-20 in the Pond Branch community near the town of Gilbert, South Carolina. Exit that intersection to the WEST (towards Batesburg-Leesville). The "44 Truck Stop" is located about 0.1 mile away on your right. Just past the truck stop, turn RIGHT onto Juniper Springs Road.

     Once on Juniper Springs Road, go approximately 1.3 miles until you come to
Final Approach Road on your LEFT. It is  located about 0.3 mile past Comporium telephone company on your left. Once you pass the telephone company, you will see a cell tower almost directly ahead as you top the hill. About 0.2 mile further, turn LEFT onto Final Approach Road just before the cell tower. This cell tower is just north of the approach end of runway 27.

     Once on Final Approach Road, you will come to dead end with a STOP sign and a white fence about 0.2 mile away. Two pointer signs are located on the same pole with the STOP sign:
Upwind Leg Road is to your RIGHT; Downwind Leg Road is to your LEFT. Both roads are cul-de-sacs with a turnaround at each end. You will also see Runway 27 straight ahead, on the other side of the white fence. Please do NOT drive around the fence and onto this runway because aircraft may be landing there! For a map and specific driving directions from your location to the airpark, click on the "Driving Directions" icon above.