The Sturkies

Rex&Elzamar.JPG (37485 bytes)

    Above is a photo of Rex and Elzamar Sturkie taken at a special meeting of the association on January 7, 2007. Rex is association Treasurer for 2007 and 2008. Elzamar is originally from Brazil. Rex and Elzamar own lots #9 and #10 at the airpark.

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   Rex Sturkie is a previous Marine and financial entrepreneur who is now retired. He built an Excalibur light sport aircraft back in 2003. Rex is shown above with his aircraft in front of his former hangar.

Here is an early photo of Rex shown in his plane ... ready to fly! 

    RexCrowhop1.jpg (37332 bytes)

Above, Rex's plane on its first test hops back in early September, 2003.