The Smiths

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     Dan Smith is shown above. Dan works as an A&P mechanic with UPS at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE). He is originally from the Cincinatti, Ohio area.

DanDO27.JPG (38150 bytes)          DornierDO27.jpg (25187 bytes)

     Dan is shown in the left photo above with his Dornier DO-27. He is in the slow process of restoring the plane; it is currently "wingless". The right photo is of a Dornier plane similar to the ones the Germans used in WWII. For more information about the Dornier DO-27, click the button in the middle above.

DansHome1.JPG (38612 bytes)

     The Smith residence is shown above ... nestled amongst the trees ... runway side. We hope to bring you photos of the other members of the Smith family some day, but Dan says getting all of them together at one place at the same time may take a minor miracle  

DansPlanes.JPG (38224 bytes)

     The planes at the Smith home are shown above. The other plane is a Grumman Yankee belonging to a friend of Dan's. We'll be telling you more about these projects in the future.

DansPlanes2.JPG (38595 bytes)

Another photo of the planes from a slightly different view.