The Mowerys

Ron & Cyndi Mowrey

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      Ron and Cyndi Mowery (shown above) purchased the home previously owned by the Moseleys in January, 2012. Owning a home in an airpark has always been a dream that they never thought they would achieve, but here they are. Both are Registered Nurses, and although they are still currently working in Northern Ohio, they are planning to retire in a few years and become permanent residents at Gilbert Airpark.

     Ron is a private pilot and has been since 1993. He has an instrument rating and enjoys flying in the clouds. Here they are in the back yard of their newly purchased home with their 1977 Grumman AA5A Cheetah they have owned since 1999. They are members of the American Yankee Association (AYA), which is The International Grumman-American Pilots Association, and have been since 2001. Cyndi and Ronnie are holding The Lauren B. Larson Memorial Award Ronnie received at the AYA 2011 Convention at St Simons Island for his years of service as Ground Boss at the conventions.

     Here is another picture of the back of the Mowery home complete with a new hanger home for the Cheetah which is much nicer than the T hanger she has been in in Northern Ohio.

Plane, Hangar, Home

Here is a picture of the Mowery home from Upwind Leg Road.

Mowrey Home

Ron and Cyndi would like to thank the other members of the airpark community for the wonderful welcome they have received.