Jack McGlumphy

    Jack McGlumphy is our newest resident member. He says that he had no idea that he would be living in South Carolina only a few months ago, but once he saw the house at 305 Downwind Leg Road, he knew that it was HIS new home

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    He is a professional pilot for Flight Options, a factional ownership private aviation firm, where he flies a Legacy jet (see thumbnail below), which is an Embraer 135 variant. He has an ATP rating with over 11,000 hours and has been with the company for 14 years, as of this writing. He routinely shuttles politicians, Hollywood actors, musicians, and executives around the country. Being the professional that he is, he does not wish to mention any specific names. However, he says that you would immediately recognize the names of some of these people.

Legacy Jet
Legacy jet (click for larger photo)

    Jack moved here to start anew after the death of his wife in 2006. He has two daughters from that former marriage (both in their 20s), one of whom is also a pilot. He is about to "tie the knot" with a lovely lady (Sue, known locally as "Buzz") from Canada. As of this writing, they are both awaiting her paperwork to be approved to reside in the USA.

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Jack is shown above with his award winning 1946 Aeronca Champ, which won the "Custom Classic" award at AirVenture, held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 2006.

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    Jack's home is shown above left. Jack is shown out back of his home in the center photo. It has a nice pool, shown above right, plus a spa.