The Flanagans

    George  Flanagan is an ATP rated pilot who flies jumbo jets as a career. His current job involves routinely flying troops and goods to various locations around the world.

    Donna Flanagan was a former senior manager with SatoTravel Regional Operations. She now devotes her time to being a full-time wife and mother. She has served as the association's secretary for many years and continues to serve in that capacity to this date.

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Left: George and his mother, Mary, at the ribbon cutting ceremony for her new apartment
Center: George and Donna in a photo taken on 11/22/05 at the Currier home
Right: George and Buddy

 Above: Donna at her home taken at the January, 2007 special meeting.

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Left: George at a meeting of a visiting aviation club on 6/4/05
Center: Taken on 5/27/07 of George checking out the Woody Pusher

Right: George in a pensive moment at the Currier home on 11/22/05

    Below are some other photos which he sent back regarding an assignment in March of 2007.

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Left: George sometimes flies this DC-10, as well as MD-11s.
Center: The Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt

Right: An Ethiopian taxi

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    The Flanagans' home (shown above) is nestled among some trees on Upwind Leg Road. These photos were taken before its completion.

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Left: George's mother, Mary
Left Center: Mother Mary on the family cart
Right Center: Daughter, Kelly
Right: Kelly gets a ride from dad, George

George's mother, Mary is shown in the top photos. Daughter, Kelly, is shown in the bottom photos.

(Note: We must sadly inform you of Mary's passing on February 12th, 2008 with George by her side.)

Is this Santa's new reindeer? Click the photo for details.