Neil Deye & Millie

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    Neil Deye and life partner, Millie Hoemer, are shown above on 1/13/07 beside their Piper Comanche 250. Neil is an A&P, pilot, CFII, SES, SEL, MEL, glider, EAA Technical Advisor, EAA Flight Advisor. Millie has MEL, SES, and instrument ratings. (8/4/13 Update: The above plane has since been sold. At this writing, they own a Piper Twin Apache (under repair) and a bright yellow Culver Cadet.)

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    On February 8, 2007, Neil was honored by the FAA with a "Master Pilot" award in a ceremony sponsored by the South Carolina Aviation Association at their conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Hilton Head, SC. Above, Neil (center) receives the award from Dick Hitt (left) as another FAA official looks on.

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Neil purchased the former Currier home (shown above) in late 2006.

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    Neil is shown in the first three photos above beside his aircraft on a warm day in December, 2006. Click on the photo below for a panoramic view of the Comanche 250.

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Neil's hangar is shown below in various stages of completion.

July, 2007
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 The latest additions to Neil's hangar. 

May, 2007
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    The floor has been painted, and the Comanche is shown nestled in its new home.

April, 2007
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    Ron Angerman and his crew are shown finishing up the door installation.

March, 2007
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The hangar door goes up. 

February, 2007
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Left & center: Neil stands by his hangar. while the Lindsey Brothers were busy putting up the basic structure.
Right: Neil is shown digging out the foundation on January 6th, 2007.