The Berrys (Randy & Libby)

    Hi ... we are Randy and Libby Berry.  I'd like to personally welcome you to this website; I (Randy) serve as webmaster here. I also served as association president for 2007 and Vice-president in 2013.

Randy & Libby in Front of Home       Randy & Libby - Christmas Eve, 2006       Randy & Libby in Front of Home

    Libby and I have lived in the local area all of our lives. Our home is located about 12 miles from the airpark near White Knoll High school, where we have resided since 1974. The above photos were taken at our home on the warm Christmas Eve of 2006.

Hangar - Left Front     My Hangar - Front     Hangar - Right Front

    Libby and I own the lot and hangar shown above located at 304 Downwind Leg Road, formerly owned by Rex and Elzamar Sturkie. It is located near the beginning of runway 27, so most days, I can just taxi out and take off directly into the prevailing winds out of the west.

  Libby At Graceland

    Libby is shown in the photo above taken at Graceland in Memphis, TN. She was there engaged in her two favorite interests: Carolina football and Elvis. She is an avid Gamecock fan. She finally got the opportunity to combine both interests when she attended the game between USC and Houston at the Liberty Bowl in late December, 2006. She also visited Elvis' birthplace near Tupelo, MS during that trip. She is a legal secretary who has worked for the same law firm since 1959, where she is affectionately known as "Miss Lib". She could retire now, but she enjoys her job too much to quit.

 C150 In Flight      Randy in Front of C150

     I am a private pilot, fixed wing, SEL. I earned my private pilot license back in 1977 in a Cessna 150 very similar to the one I now own. I've flown various kinds of aircraft since then, but now, I have come full circle back to flying my own 1968 Cessna 150H (shown above), which we bought in April of 2010. I have also owned and flown gyrocopters (one of which I built) and a Corbin Baby Ace in the past. I also flew Cessna 172 Skyhawks for awhile after I got my license.